Off the Grill 2017 Kicks Off

Off the Grill, Britannia Community Services Centre summer youth meal program kicked off last week with healthy food prepared by and served to youth free and community members for $5. Supported by the Grandview Woodland Food Connection, Off the Grill runs every Wed and Fri (as long as it is not raining) outdoors in the Britannia plaza. A huge thank you to Pasture To Plate Organic Whole Animal Butcher Shop for their generous donation of grass fed meat to this program providing healthy grass fed and protein rich food for our youth.

Is a National Food Policy Coming

It’s exciting that we may get a National Food Policy after many years of lobbying and advocacy by groups such as Food Secure Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Most encouraging is a focus on food access, health, and environment (climate change in particular). Take the survey….It does not take long.


From Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Government of Canada launches online survey to support the development of a food policy

May 29, 2017 – Toronto, Ontario – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Food matters. Canadians make choices every day about food that directly impacts their health, environment, and communities. The Government of Canada is committed to helping put more affordable, safe, healthy, food on tables across the country, while protecting the environment.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister, Lawrence MacAulay, announced today that the Government of Canada is launching consultations to support the development of A Food Policy for Canada. An online survey is now open at and Canadians are encouraged to share their input to help shape a food policy that will cover the entire food system, from farm to fork. Canadians can share their views on four major themes:

  • increasing access to affordable food;
  • improving health and food safety;
  • conserving our soil, water, and air; and
  • growing more high-quality food.

A Food Policy for Canada will be the first-of-its-kind for the Government of Canada, and is a new step in the government’s mandate to taking a collaborative and broad-based approach to addressing food-related issues in Canada.

The online consultation is the first of a number of engagement activities planned with a wide range of participants to inform the development of a food policy. Feedback from the consultations will provide the federal government with a better understanding of Canadians’ priorities when it comes to food-related issues. The results will help inform key elements of a food policy, including a long-term vision and identifying actions to take in the near term.


Food plays a critical role in the health and well-being of Canadians, while also having a direct impact on our environment, economy, and communities. Developing this food policy is an exciting opportunity for Canadians to have their say about how government can help address those opportunities and challenges that exist in our food system.”

– Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Quick Facts

  • A food policy is a way to address issues related to the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food.
  • In addition to the online consultations, the Government of Canada will be holding broad consultations through events taking place throughout the coming months.
  • A wide range of stakeholders will be invited to Ottawa for A Food Policy for CanadaSummit, to take place June 22 – 23, 2017. The Summit is designed to provide a space for stakeholders, experts, and key policy makers to share views on the development of A Food Policy for Canada.

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Last Day of School Gardening

We celebrated our last day of school gardening this past week with a garden harvest and fresh salad. The 4 classes that we worked with through the year were divided into smaller groups to plant their own plots, which each choosing what veggies they wanted to grow (and eat). Through the spring the students were able to observe their plants grow which we harvested for our salads. Was a great way for the students to see tangible outcomes from their work and enjoy eating healthy food, which most students all thought was very tasty.

Britannia School Gardening – Spring 2017

Great day gardening with the Britannia students. Worked with Outreach Alternative at the carving pavilion garden transplanting Coastal Strawberries,  which have spread like wildfire, to a new area in the garden. Talking about fire, we have a thick growth of Fireweed, which is fascinating how it naturally appeared as if to heal the disturbed soil after the carving pavilion construction. Later worked with the Biology 11 class who brought down microscopes to the garden to have a closer look at earthworms. Funny how even grade 11s are all freaked out and fascinated by earthworms.

Stone Soup Festival 2017

Once again with the skies, after weeks and months of cold wet weather  cleared up and the sun shone for our 23rd Stone Soup Festival.

Now 23 years old, the Stone Soup Festival is Britannia’s much loved festival drawing a few thousand people, along with music and vendors of many types to Britannia Community centre to all celebrate our love for food and community. A big thank you to the many volunteers who help make it a success as well as the Carnival Band, Katari Taiko, Rio Samaya, Dansi-Metis Dancers, Vancouver Fiddle Club, and all the vendors and community groups Who made it a resounding success!
Check out the photos below by Ann Der and Ian Marcuse