Wild Minds Week 6

Nature has an remarkable way of growing back in force, in particular, the invasive plants, such as Himalayan Blackberry. In our Wild Minds program with Environmental Youth Alliance and Evergreen BC, we are also helping to rewild urban spaces, and today spent time clearing away invasive plants in an area of the youth garden to help support a new food forest and planting of native plants. Later picked Oregon grapes, Mulberrys, apples and plums and made fruit leather, as a suggested activity by one of the youth.


Wild Salmon Caravan Britannia Arts Builds

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection and Britannia Community Centre are pleased to participate in this year’s Wild Salmon Caravan with a kick off Vancouver Parade on Oct 7th. As our contribution to this parade, we will be organizing a series of arts builds at Britannia (See our poster below) focusing on creating bike salmon art and bike floats and encouraging the bike community to participate in the parade and help promote a carbon free future, recognizing that climate change is a serious threat to the survival of wild salmon.

So, we hope to see you at our arts Builds and at the Vancouver Wild Salmon Parade. For more information, check out the Wild Salmon Caravan facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wildsalmoncaravan/

Wild Minds Week 5

We are in the mid summer doldrums and heatwaves. The plants need a lot of watering and the youth are keen to take on this task. Took some more time to clear some scrub bush to replace with new native plants as part of Environmental Youth Alliance work to clear invasive and rewild areas of the garden and further afield. Later collected calendula seeds as part of our seed saving effort. With the heat, we stayed indoors out of the sun after lunch and built some swallow, flicker, chickadee, and mason bee homes to put up in the gardens.

Wild Minds Week 4

Wild Minds Week 4 – Visited the The Sharing Farm in Richmond, which is mostly volunteer run and grows food to support the local foodbank. Was such a beautiful reprise from the busyness of the city and to get out into nature. Had to take the skytrain into Richmond and bus to No 1 Road and Westminster Highway, then 10 minute walk to the farm. Saw an amazingly productive greenhouse and helped weed the carrots. Was so much fun, the kids actually wished they could stay longer. Thing is, the experience of working on a real farm is something the kids have never done before (let along most of us city dwellers) and they really enjoyed the meditative nature of weeding.


Wild Minds Week 3

Went over to Trillium North park and visited with the amazing Sharon Kallis, natural plant and fiber artist who is resident artist in this park where we learned to harvest Tansy for dyes, St. John’s Wort for medicine, and Oregon Grape for food and tea. Sharon also showed us how to make rope from plants. This was such an informative and interesting learning opportunity for the youth who were fascinated by the many uses of the plants but also impressed by the beautiful natural area situated within an industrialized inner city area. Sadly however, we also learned much of the park’s natural areas are getting mowed down due to some neighbor’s complaints about this “messiness”. Was very proud of the youth for stepping up and advocating to protect the natural spaces in the park with messages that will be sent to the Parks staff and Board.

View the advocacy document here that was created with the youth to help keep Trillium Park natural:

Keep Trillium North Park Natural

Wild Minds 2017 Week 2

Wild Minds Week 2 – Is part learning and work, with enough fun to keep the youth engaged. Since Wild Minds is about rewilding urban spaces, one focus of this years work is the Environmental Youth Alliance native plant nursery. Gave the youth a lesson on soil composition then potted up a few trays of young salal. Then off to the wood chip pile to put the youth to work, laying down chips on the garden pathways. Nothing like a large group of strong people to get a lot of work done fast.