Nearly 14 months ago, the City of Vancouver went into pandemic lockdown. The streets were empty, many social service supports closed doors including foodbank depots, food shelves were being cleared out as people began to stockpile food, grocery delivery was weeks behind demand, and so on. We feared many people, especially those most vulnerable with compromised health were without safe and adequate food access. Together with Britannia Community Centre, we deemed emergency food delivery an essential service and kicked into high gear delivering healthy food hampers to over 700 households throughout “East Vancouver”.

Now 14 months later, our COVID Emergency Food Delivery Program is ending as funding comes to a close and life resumes to a new normalcy….It has been quite the ride and we are all very proud of the work that we have accomplished with the help of over 200 community food activists (volunteers). I have said repeatedly, that these activists represent the spirit of “East Vancouver” for which this work could not have happened.

All food recipients have been particularly grateful and we are happy to have helped lessen people’s stress through the worst of COVID. I am left with a couple of lovely stories, one by a woman who told us that she actually is feeling healthier since receiving our hampers loaded with nutritious food and lots of fruits and veggies that she was not eating previously. Another woman thought our program was funded through the Ministry of Health and that is was a healthy eating program.

While most all people would like to see our program continue, we do not want to entrench this type of program, but rather focus more energy on policy change and advocacy for a better social supports system, including such programs as a universal basic income that will ensure that people have the financial means to purchase healthy food of their own choosing.

In closing we are happy to present our COVID Year End Report.

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GWFC is Hiring a New Coordinator

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection will be hiring a new coordinator! After 14 years, I am stepping down as coordinator to open up space for a new person with fresh ideas and energy to take over. This is an amazing opportunity and particularly interesting time for someone interested in developing meaningful work in food security. COVID has revealed many weaknesses in our food system along with a subsequent interest in food security within community, but also at the government level. The GWFC has a great reputation as a leading food security organization in “Vancouver” and has helped support and develop a much stronger community food culture locally and city-wide. This position will also work closely with Britannia Community centre and help build a significant new food hub at Britannia in the coming years……

For some reason City posting does not specify pay….starts at pay grade 20 step one at $32.52 plus a % in lieu of benefits..

Please share this job posting widely…..

Thank you….Ian Marcuse

Foodfit On-Line

FoodFit is back with a 6-week on-line (ZOOM) program for community members who experience barriers around healthy eating and physical activity but who are motivated to make lasting changes to their health. The program combines fun, hands-on cooking sessions and food-based activities with take-home recipes, easy-to-understand nutrition information, group exercise, shared meals, self-directed individual and group goal-setting, and reflection and feedback loops that monitor and reinforce individual and group progress.

Foodfit is funded by Community Food Centres Canada and in partnership with REACH Community Health Centre and Britannia Community Centre.

To register, please call Ian at 604-718-5828

Food for thought: Food insecurity in the context of Covid-19 – Podcast

Check out this informative podcast on our current stat of food insecurity in Canada

COVID-19 has highlighted and exacerbated a number of systemic inequities that challenge Canada’s potential to build back better. One of those brought to the forefront has been food insecurity. Before the pandemic, 1 in 8 households in Canada was food insecure, with low-income communities and communities of colour being disproportionately impacted. This episode from the podcast  Beyond the Headlines  features Dr. Valerie Tarasuk, Jessica McLaughlin, Dr. Charles Levkoe, and Melana Roberts.


The Paueru Gai DialoGues

Powell Street Festival Society announces an online series, The Paueru Gai Dialogues. In a series of monthly online events, BIPOC artists and activists will share their perspectives on current social issues. The project intends to inspire civic engagement and community building during the disruption of the enduring pandemic.

The second event, On Food & Culture for Community Building, is at 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern on Saturday, February 27, 2021. This event is free.

Guest host erica hiroko isomura will facilitate a discussion with panelists Carmel Tanaka, Kage, and Ingrid Mendez de Cruz as they share stories on how food and culture contribute to their experiences of building community in Japanese Canadian, DTES communities, and beyond.

Panelists will talk about how they use food to build relationships across difference; create inclusive food and garden spaces for community; and support agricultural migrant workers who grow the food that so many of us eat.

Participants will be invited into breakout groups to share their perspectives (and favourite recipes!) with one another. To wrap up the event, everyone will reconvene to offer questions and debrief together.