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Fractal farm market at britannia centre


Commercial St Car Free Day

Expression of interest for urban agriculture initiatives

Urban agriculture creates vibrant gathering spaces, enhances biodiversity, supports local food resiliency, and promotes social inclusion.

To better support urban agriculture, we’re inviting community groups and individuals to help identify potential new urban agriculture initiatives that they would like to establish on City of Vancouver or Park Board land in 2020 and continue to steward over the long term.

Expression of interest process

Process Date
Pre-application deadline June 15
Invitation to application July 5
Application deadline: We’ll work with candidates to outline their ideas fully and finalize site design. August 15
Application approval: Each garden design or plan will need to be approved by City Council or the Vancouver Park Board. Fall 2019
Garden build: We’ll help prepare the garden sites, including land clearing, water hook-up, and first year’s soil. Gardeners can then complete the garden build, such as garden beds, shed, fencing, and so on. Fall 2019/spring 2020

Fresh Roots Schoolyard Harvest Dinner.

Join us for our third annual Schoolyard Harvest Dinner.
We’ll celebrate with an elegant dinner of local ingredients sourced from our schoolyard farms and farmer friends, paired with an open bar of wine and brews.

Enjoy an inspired multi-course meal created by chefs Karima Chellouf and Kym Nguyen. We are so lucky that Karima and Kym are returning to cook for us again this year, as many of last year’s attendees said the meal they created last year was the best they’ve ever had!

Support experiential learning by sharing delicious conversations, the best of this season’s harvest, and your own generosity—in addition to ticket sales, our goal is to raise $25,000 at this event to support children and youth in Fresh Roots programs, so please bring your chequebook or credit card along with your appetite!
Come join the table.
Proceeds support Good Food at school. You will receive a tax receipt for the charitable portion of your ticket purchase. If you’d like to buy group tickets, are interested in a children’s ticket, or have any other questions, please reach out to Sarah Maitland, our Community Engagement Manager, at


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Grandview WoodLand Food COnnection BULK BUYING





VFTP_LOGO_CS3-167x300The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project is proud to present our new pruning social enterprise project for the 2014 season, “Fruit Tree Pruning with ISA arborist Todd Barisky”. Proceeds will go to support The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project.

The details, in brief:

A professional pruning service with competitive rates.
The better maintained your tree, the more bountiful your harvest!
Have our professional Arborist visit your fruit trees this season!

About Todd Barisky:

I have been a practicing Arborist since 2007. I received a diploma in Arboriculture Apprenticeship at Humber College in Toronto, and I am also certified with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

In my view, tree pruning is a form of art; Skilled arborists are equipped both with the knowledge of optimal tree health and the imagination to craft aesthetically pleasing and durable specimen. Every tree is unique and grows in response to its environmental conditions. Mindful pruning encourages trees to develop stronger branching, yield a hardy fruit crop, and help to minimize tree defects and diseases. This is the kind of pruning I use to guide trees to grow towards their optimum form.

Many trees in the urban landscape suffer from improper pruning. When a tree has been haphazardly pruned, the tree’s future health is at stake. It is possible in some cases to restore poorly pruned and damaged trees, however nothing compares to responsible and mindful tree care from the start of a tree’s life. To achieve best results, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a certified professional Arborist.

For more information visit:





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