Stone Soup Festival

Shuswap assn for Eco development and Fairtrade

The Shuswap Association for the Promotion of Eco-Development is a non-profit, charitable society registering in British Columbia Canada. Its mission is to facilitate a move towards more ecologically sustainable and socially just economic activity, in both industrialized and developing countries.

Join us to check out fair trade products for sale, including teas, chocolate, coffee, fruit leathers,  and more.

Britannia Community Centre
55 + room (seniors lounge)
Friday, April 26

SAPED has been working in B.C. and Central America since 1990, building small-scale co-ops, promoting organic agriculture and permaculture systems, developing appropriate technology and organizing fair trade systems. Our projects help a marginalized sector of society–small rural landholders and workers, and the urban poor who lack the skills or inclination for `professional` careers.


* To support spiritually and materially, community based ecologically sustainable economic and cultural projects in the rural underdeveloped and impoverished areas and shantytowns of Central and South America by:

1. providing courses in the areas of sustainable agriculture, natural livestock management, fruiticulture, agroforestry, natural medicine and appropriate technology;

2. assisting rural communities in such underdeveloped countries in economic cooperative self-sufficiency;

3. entering into agency agreements with organizations to assist in the furtherance of the above.

* To support spiritually and materially, community based ecologically sustainable economic and cultural projects in the rural underdeveloped and impoverished areas and shantytowns of British Columbia and in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

* To pursue a structured educational program for communities in B.C. to increase public awareness of the issues related to community based ecologically sustainable development in the rural areas and shantytowns of Central and South America which will include popular educational techniques and involve educators for Central and South America.

Grandview woodland food connection seed library

Farmers on 57th’s 2019 Grow Your Own Food Course

Registration is open for Farmers on 57th’s 2019 Grow Your Own Food Course. Starts Thursday April 4. Costs $300 and comes with a 4′ X 6′ instructional plot, all the tools and supplies you’ll need and 12 instructional sessions every 2nd Thursday, 6:30-8pm. Urban farmers Karen & Jess guide you through every step of the season from soil prep, seed starting to crop maintenance and harvesting. Eat what you grow! Find more details at

Fractal Farm Community shared agriculture (CSA)

Fractal Farm is a local grower of sustainable vegetables based in East Vancouver and Richmond. This will be their third season of providing a Community Supported Agriculture program, and their first year partnering with Britannia Community Services Centre, and the Grandview Woodland Food Connection. They plan to support a variety of programs at Britannia with fresh, sustainable vegetables.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to support local farmers and eat a local, seasonal diet. Because members buy into a CSA at the beginning of the season, it means that farmers don’t need to go into debt to finance the purchase of seeds, soil amendments, and infrastructure. What’s more, because members bulk buy directly from their farmer, the cost doesn’t include things like marketing, food waste that is inherent to markets, wholesale and retail markups. That means that sustainable vegetable are more accessible to members of the community.

The Fractal Farm CSA starts in mid to late May and goes for 18 weeks. The pick-up site is at Britannia Community Centre on Tuesdays, and switches to Sundays in September. Each share is enough vegetables for one person who never eats out, though most members split a share between two or more people. The seasonal cost is $550, and share are almost sold out for 2019. You can find more information, or sign up at .

Indigenous land based learning opportunities


grandview woodland community seed library pop up


Grandview WoodLand Food COnnection BULK BUYING





VFTP_LOGO_CS3-167x300The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project is proud to present our new pruning social enterprise project for the 2014 season, “Fruit Tree Pruning with ISA arborist Todd Barisky”. Proceeds will go to support The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project.

The details, in brief:

A professional pruning service with competitive rates.
The better maintained your tree, the more bountiful your harvest!
Have our professional Arborist visit your fruit trees this season!

About Todd Barisky:

I have been a practicing Arborist since 2007. I received a diploma in Arboriculture Apprenticeship at Humber College in Toronto, and I am also certified with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

In my view, tree pruning is a form of art; Skilled arborists are equipped both with the knowledge of optimal tree health and the imagination to craft aesthetically pleasing and durable specimen. Every tree is unique and grows in response to its environmental conditions. Mindful pruning encourages trees to develop stronger branching, yield a hardy fruit crop, and help to minimize tree defects and diseases. This is the kind of pruning I use to guide trees to grow towards their optimum form.

Many trees in the urban landscape suffer from improper pruning. When a tree has been haphazardly pruned, the tree’s future health is at stake. It is possible in some cases to restore poorly pruned and damaged trees, however nothing compares to responsible and mindful tree care from the start of a tree’s life. To achieve best results, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a certified professional Arborist.

For more information visit:



Visit the Curbside Fresh Market:
City Heights
(115 E 37th at Main)
Friday 11am-2pm.
Everyone is welcome. Local produce and staples. Prices below market rate.





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