Tiffin Talks: Literary Changemakers
13 July 2018, 12:00 – 13 July 2018, 14:00
PAUSE Pavilion1600 Whyte Ave Vancouver, BC V6J 1A9 Canada








Tiffin Talks is a weekday lunchtime ideas series featuring a diverse group of thought leaders, artists, innovators, and changemakers, gathering to share ideas and a meal together.

Located at PAUSE, Indian Summer Festival’s outdoor pavilion gazing out onto the mountains and the Burrard inlet, these long table lunches delivered hot onsite in Indian-style tiffins, will return you to your day both nourished and fed.

In the spirit of turning strangers into friends, this is an opportunity to register for lunch for one. Listen to brilliant presenters, then dine and converse about new ideas surrounded by art, land, and ocean.

Each lunch is limited to 20 people. Book your tickets early!

Tiffin Talks are by donation, with a suggested $10 for lunch. The fee will be waived upon request, no one turned away for lack of funds. (Pending availability, pre-registration is still required).

All Tiffin Talk meals are vegetarian. When registering, please proceed to checkout where you will be prompted to select a vegan or gluten-free option as desired.

Schedule below.

Monday July 9th

Tiffin Talks: Re-awakening the Spirit of our Communities

Presenters: Ajay PuriJoleen Mitton, and friends



Tuesday July 10th

Tiffin Talks: Fake News, Lies, and Bulls**t

Presenters: Peter Klein, Dionne Bunsha and Jagdeesh Mann

Human beings have spent several centuries in the pursuit of truth, through science, philosophy, art and journalism. Where does that leave us now, when truth seems to be of little importance to the stories we hear, spin, share and react to? What is the difference between fake news, plain old lies and BS, and what is the future of truth? This topic is all the more urgent given the current situation in India, where two prominent journalists are facing multiple online death threats because of inflammatory fake news attributed to them.



Wednesday July 11th

Tiffin Talks: New Museology

Shaheen NanjiMarika Echachis SwanAmmar Mahimwalla

Dayanita Singh’s Museum Bhavan helps us reimagine what a museum is. The museum as an institution holds memory; what memories, and for whom? What would a museum without walls look like? How ought pieces that were historically stolen be engaged with now? What is the museum’s role in educating new migrants in this specific place? Join three brilliant cultural producers who are engaging/disrupting/rearranging in varying and strategic ways with the changing role of museums in society.



Thursday July 12th

Tiffin Talks: Architecture as an expression of Empathy or Affluence?

A panel of noted architects including Luugigyoo Patrick Stewart, Marianne Amodio

BV Doshi, the Indian architect and winner of 2018’s prestigious Pritzker Prize, famously argues that architecture should be informed not by an aesthetics of affluence but by an aesthetic of empathy. Four presenters speak to this provocation from their positions of design, advocacy, intervention, and public service.



Friday July 13th

Tiffin Talks: Literary Changemakers

Chelene KnightJónína KirtonJoanne Arnott

Please join Jónína Kirton, Joanne Arnott, and Chelene Knight as they partake in an intimate chat about their own experiences it the Canadian Literary Community. They will discuss what it’s been like navigating a male-dominated literary scene while raising families, working, writing, and creating mind-blowing work. Learn how they demanded space, took it, and continue to hold it.



South Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Network Garden Club




Pandora Community Garden GoFundME for Stolen bee hives

This weekend I’m sad to say that our beloved Pandora Park Community Garden bees were stolen. The bees were a vibrant part of our garden community providing East Van with pollinators and the honey produced was sold to help support the bees for the next year. We currently do not have enough money in the bee fund to replace the stolen bees and equipment.

Environmental youth alliance pollinator citizen scientist


Il Giardino Community Garden Openings

Il Centro i
Il Centro is delighted to invite you to participate in the second season of the Community Garden located at    Beaconsfield Park, 1 block south of 3075 Slocan Street in Vancouver.

Our garden and programs strive to

  • Celebrate growing produce and eating it!
  • Explore our diverse cultural backgrounds and stories; promoting multi-cultural and intergenerational connection.
  • Connect and share the Italian Cultural heritage and tradition of growing and sharing food. • Foster civic pride.
  • Nourish a passion for gardening.
  • Inspire sharing, cooperation, and team work.
  • Promote sustainability, biodiversity and a healthy ecological system.
  • Develop skills and techniques to grow and cook healthy food.

 More Info


Grandview WoodLand Food COnnection BULK BUYING

Grandview Woodland Food Connection COMMUNITY KITCHEN

New Community Kitchen starting this January

Community kitchen poster

The hidden power of food: Finding value in what we eat – CBC Ideas

In Canada we waste about a third of the food we produce. And yet four million Canadians experience food insecurity. In partnership with the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph, we hear from Dawn Morrison whose work focuses on Indigenous food sovereignty and Bryan Gilvesy, a long-horn cattle rancher who puts sustainability first. Part 2 of a 2-part series.

Listen to full episode




Nutrition counseling services by a certified holistic nutritionist will be available for under-served residents and open to all community members on a sliding scale basis – $0 – $50. This service is aimed at helping you navigate the food choices available in our area and choose the foods that are best suited for your health, taking into consideration any health issues or goals you may have. Improved eating habits can help boost your physical and mental health. This service also aims to help connect residents to affordable, accessible, healthy food programs and options.

Bonnie Chung is a registered holistic nutritionist with many years of experience working in the natural foods industry.  She is also working with Choices Markets.  She’s eager to share her nutrition knowledge with the community with a friendly approach.

Contact Bonnie Chung at 778-995-7299 or to book an appointment. More info:
Appointments at Britannia Community Centre
Supported by the Grandview Woodland Food Connection


VFTP_LOGO_CS3-167x300The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project is proud to present our new pruning social enterprise project for the 2014 season, “Fruit Tree Pruning with ISA arborist Todd Barisky”. Proceeds will go to support The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project.

The details, in brief:

A professional pruning service with competitive rates.
The better maintained your tree, the more bountiful your harvest!
Have our professional Arborist visit your fruit trees this season!

About Todd Barisky:

I have been a practicing Arborist since 2007. I received a diploma in Arboriculture Apprenticeship at Humber College in Toronto, and I am also certified with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

In my view, tree pruning is a form of art; Skilled arborists are equipped both with the knowledge of optimal tree health and the imagination to craft aesthetically pleasing and durable specimen. Every tree is unique and grows in response to its environmental conditions. Mindful pruning encourages trees to develop stronger branching, yield a hardy fruit crop, and help to minimize tree defects and diseases. This is the kind of pruning I use to guide trees to grow towards their optimum form.

Many trees in the urban landscape suffer from improper pruning. When a tree has been haphazardly pruned, the tree’s future health is at stake. It is possible in some cases to restore poorly pruned and damaged trees, however nothing compares to responsible and mindful tree care from the start of a tree’s life. To achieve best results, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a certified professional Arborist.

For more information visit:



Visit the Curbside Fresh Market:
City Heights
(115 E 37th at Main)
Friday 11am-2pm.
Everyone is welcome. Local produce and staples. Prices below market rate.




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