100RE TALKS: Discussion about Renewable Energy in Vancouver

Speaker:  Matt Horne, the City’s Climate Policy Manager

When:  Saturday, July 8 at 10 a.m.
Where:  Cedar Cottage Garden plaza (under skytrain guideway), Hull Street & Victoria Drive

Open to public event, so invite your friends, family, learn about city initiatives and express your opinion. The climate is everyone’s concern.

Note:  July 8 garden work party follows at 11 a.m. Email me if you have questions. PS—I will be putting a call out to Volunteer Support for help with setup and clean up of this garden event.

Excerpt copied from the June 2017 edition of the Vancouver Greenest City Newsletter:

“As part of our drive to be the Greenest City in the world, Vancouver has a goal to eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels. To do this, we’ll move to 100% renewable energy, and cut our carbon pollution by 80% by 2050. The Renewable City Strategy is our plan to achieve this over the next 30 years.

A renewable future means more affordable fossil fuel free choices, reduced energy costs, more jobs, better homes and office spaces, cleaner air, less pollution and a healthier environment for Vancouver residents and businesses and future generations.

We plan on doing this by:

  • improving energy efficiency so we use less energy
  • Switching energy use from fossil fuels to renewable sources
  • increasing  the supply of renewable energy sources


We’ve received questions about how we can achieve our Renewable City goals, so we’re offering 100RE Talks. Get a group of ten or more people together and we’ll come to you. We want to hear your ideas, address your concerns and answer any of your questions.  Request a 100RE Talk or  email us with your questions or ideas.

Vancouver is a global leader when it comes to planning for climate change. In episode 4 of CBC’s new podcast 2050: Degrees of Change,  Senior Meteorologist Joanna Wagstaffe discusses how climate change will re-shape our cities, and ask if we’re doing enough to mitigate its effects on our environment as well as our society.

Check out our quick videos which give an overview of the Renewable City Strategy and how we are tackling carbon pollution from buildings and transportation.”

19th Annual BCFSN Gathering: Don’t miss it!!

Come join movers and shakers, pollinators and connectors, convenors and change makers, thought leaders and folks who are new to food systems change for this year’s 19th Annual BCFSN Annual Gathering, which will take place from July 14-16 on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

This year’s Gathering is made possible through a partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm and the Faculty of Land and Food Systems – don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and unique learning environment of the UBC Farm!

Our theme this year is Cultivating Change: Building Our Food Movement. The plenaries and sessions will focus on the various ways we are working to advance change in our food systems and where we can better work together. We will explore opportunities to strengthen connections and alignment of people working on food system issues across the land and waters. This Gathering presents a unique moment to take action across different levels of expertise and worldviews to collectively work towards food systems change at community and provincial levels.

A detailed schedule will follow shortly, but sessions and workshops will include:

• Campus-community engagement for food systems change in BC
• Confronting race and difference
• Energy, climate justice and Indigenous food systems
• Engaging in the development the national food policy
• Food Policy Councils working with local government
• Increasing food access and food literacy in BC
• Mobilizing support of Indigenous food sovereignty through the Wild Salmon Caravan
• Open space sessions
• Sustain BC Collective Impact Initiative
• Tours of UBC food systems initiatives
• Youth leadership for food justice
• And more!


We’ve made every effort to keep the cost of the Gathering affordable as possible. Please go to Eventbrite to register. Space is limited so sign up as soon as possible – we look forward to seeing you!


This year free tenting is available on site at UBC Farm (you must indicate interest as you register) and other accommodations in the area can be arranged by attendees. There are a few options on our website if you are looking for additional choices. Please note this is a busy time of year in Vancouver so book early.

Interested in carpooling? If you want to make arrangements with other attendees about the possibility of carpooling feel free to make use of the BCFSN Gathering Facebook event page (click on the Facebook icon at the end of this message and select Events).

More information can be found on our website. If you have questions please contact Carrie at




Interested in community gardening and growing food. Consider Cedar Cottage Garden located at Victoria Drive and Hull Street (close to 22nd Avenue & Victoria).

Check out our garden website at and info on the “join” page if you want to become a member.

Also, drop in to our annual spring fling May 27th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for food, music, a bit of shopping (plants, vendors, seeds, etc.) and a fun time for all!




Community kitchen poster


Nutrition counseling services by a certified holistic nutritionist will be available for under-served residents and open to all community members on a sliding scale basis – $0 – $50. This service is aimed at helping you navigate the food choices available in our area and choose the foods that are best suited for your health, taking into consideration any health issues or goals you may have. Improved eating habits can help boost your physical and mental health. This service also aims to help connect residents to affordable, accessible, healthy food programs and options.

Bonnie Chung is a registered holistic nutritionist with many years of experience working in the natural foods industry.  She is also working with Choices Markets.  She’s eager to share her nutrition knowledge with the community with a friendly approach.

Contact Bonnie Chung at 778-995-7299 or to book an appointment. More info:
Appointments at Britannia Community Centre
Supported by the Grandview Woodland Food Connection


VFTP_LOGO_CS3-167x300The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project is proud to present our new pruning social enterprise project for the 2014 season, “Fruit Tree Pruning with ISA arborist Todd Barisky”. Proceeds will go to support The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project.

The details, in brief:

A professional pruning service with competitive rates.
The better maintained your tree, the more bountiful your harvest!
Have our professional Arborist visit your fruit trees this season!

About Todd Barisky:

I have been a practicing Arborist since 2007. I received a diploma in Arboriculture Apprenticeship at Humber College in Toronto, and I am also certified with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

In my view, tree pruning is a form of art; Skilled arborists are equipped both with the knowledge of optimal tree health and the imagination to craft aesthetically pleasing and durable specimen. Every tree is unique and grows in response to its environmental conditions. Mindful pruning encourages trees to develop stronger branching, yield a hardy fruit crop, and help to minimize tree defects and diseases. This is the kind of pruning I use to guide trees to grow towards their optimum form.

Many trees in the urban landscape suffer from improper pruning. When a tree has been haphazardly pruned, the tree’s future health is at stake. It is possible in some cases to restore poorly pruned and damaged trees, however nothing compares to responsible and mindful tree care from the start of a tree’s life. To achieve best results, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a certified professional Arborist.

For more information visit:


For more information call Ian @ 604-718-5895

Bulk Buying Poster 2


Visit the Curbside Fresh Market:
City Heights
(115 E 37th at Main)
Friday 11am-2pm.
Everyone is welcome. Local produce and staples. Prices below market rate.



Community Dinner Nights
A delicious 3 course meal for families and singles. It is a nutritious and low cost meal.
Who: Community members
Every Friday evening, 5pm-6pm at LMNH
Little Mountain Neighbourhood House
Cost: $4.00 for members/ $5.00 for non-members (1/2 price for children)
Who to contact: Jennifer 604-879-7104 ext.315 or

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