FoodFit Poster May 2021

Hastings Community Centre Food and Garden Programs

Unknown-1Growing Kids (18 months to 5 years)
Get your kids excited about the world of growing things! Join us in the garden to learn about plants, soil, seeds and insects through fun and engaging activities. We’ll cover a different topic each week. Caregivers must be present throughout the class. Sessions will take place in the Community Hall or in the HCC Learning Garden.
M Apr 12-May 17               11:00 AM-11:30 AM
321221                             Free/6 sess
M May 31-Jun 28               11:00 AM-11:30 AM
329193                             Free/5 sess

Gardening Corner for Older Adults (50+)
Are you interested in gardening, but not sure where to start? Join us with other older adults in the garden to learn about plants, soil, seeds and insects through fun and engaging activities. We’ll cover a different topic each week. Increase your knowledge and become comfortable working in your own garden. No session on May 24.
Tu Apr 13-May 18     11:00 AM-12:00 PM
321248                   Free/6 sess
Tu Jun 1-Jun 29      11:00 AM-12:00 PM
329194                   Free/5 sess

Community Garden Work Party (19+)
Come meet other people in your community by working on an outdoor project in our Community Garden. Come enjoy the sunshine and bring your enthusiasm to this small outdoor gardening gathering.
Sa Apr 17                12:00 PM-2:00 PM
329201                   Free/1 sess
Sa May 29               12:00 PM-2:00 PM
329202                   Free/1 sess

Register for all programs starting March 20 at Hastings Community Centre.

  • In person: 3096 E. Hastings St.
  • By phone: 604-718-6222
  • Online: click here

REACH COVID – 19 Workshops

3 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi, my name is Ashley. I am very interested in the Sunday classes; Kombucha Brewing, Raw Vegan in 10 Minutes, Sinlesss Desserts for All and Cleansing With Smoothies. The classes run every Sunday starting on Janurary 29th to February 19th. Unfortunately for me as I work Sunday’s because I have school Monday to Thursday and I work Saturday and Sunday, I can’t make it to the classes. so my question to you is will these aforementioned classes run another time? Hopefully on a Friday, Tuesday or Thursday. My Tuesday and Thursday classes are drop-in classes.

    1. Hello Ashley,

      I hope that you get this in time. I missed your comment earlier. yes, you are welcome to come. We are in the pre-teen centre at Britannia. Just bring a small jar to take home your mother. And you will need to register at the front office first.


    2. Hi Ashley,

      Sorry, I saw your message in the stats page, which only provides a snip of the message. The Kombucha workshop is popular so we will try to offer at anther time in the future. That goes for all the workshops. Leave me your email address and I will add to our email list so that I can keep you updated on future workshops and events, etc.


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