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Cooking Classes for Kids Join Registered Dietitian Miranda Wong this fall for a series of kids’ cooking & nutrition workshops! together the group will go on an around-the-world exploration, trying their hand at foods from all over the globe. $20 per child, per session

Family Community Kitchen

New this Fall! Join Registered Dietitian Joyce Chow for November Saturday afternoon Community Kitchen for the Family. Work as a family to create a meal that you’ll all enjoy! From toddlers to teens, there’s a place for all in the kitchen. Work with us to identify cooking tasks for family members of all ages, and whip up dishes everyone is excited to try.
$25 per parent and child duo, per session
Seniors' Social

Join us this Fall for Saturday afternoon Seniors’ Social – a brand new program! Registered Dietitian 
Joyce Chow will work with you to prepare 4 servings of a delicious and healthy 3-course meal. Three servings can be packed up and taken home, while one can be enjoyed together as a group at the 
end of our session. Please come prepared with take-home containers!

UBc centre for sustainable food systems

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia is excited to announce that registration for the first half of our 2018 workshop series is now open! The UBC Farm hosts a wide range of workshops covering everything from permaculture and gardening to herbal medicine, weaving, fermenting, foraging, and much more. This year, we have added several new workshops and brought back many favourites. All of our workshops are beginner friendly and open to everyone, so please share with your networks! For more details and to register, visit our website, or view our list of workshops below.
Please sign up early, as popular workshops sell out; and workshops with insufficient registration are cancelled five days prior.  To stay informed of new workshop offerings and other events at the UBC Farm, please sign up for our e-newsletter.      
Thank you for being a part of this community and we hope to see you at the UBC Farm soon!

Park Board Program Instructors

Interested in finding more opportunities as a food based program instructor in Vancouver community centres?

As part of the Vancouver Park Board’s plan to increase food and kitchen-based programming in community centres, we are inviting food facilitators/instructors to register in the Park Board’s Online Instructor Database. Community centre programmers can find and hire instructors for workshops and programs with a specific focus on food programming—specifically instructors who specialize in nutrition, community kitchens, food preservation, gardening, meal programming, and any other niche or food based skill that can be shared with residents across our communities.

When registering, make sure to tag yourself under the new category Food, Cooking, and Gardening” to ensure programmers can find you. People who have previously worked in community centres may not be currently listed in the database, so please make sure to register and update your information using the following link:
The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation On-line Instructor Database

Some individual community centers have their own additional instructor registration forms posted on their direct websites. If you are distinctly interested in working with one specific centre, you can also register through their direct sites.

Please forward this information to any instructors and organizations that work with food programming in Vancouver community centres.

If you have any questions or difficulties using the database, please email and use “food instructor” as a subject line.

3 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi, my name is Ashley. I am very interested in the Sunday classes; Kombucha Brewing, Raw Vegan in 10 Minutes, Sinlesss Desserts for All and Cleansing With Smoothies. The classes run every Sunday starting on Janurary 29th to February 19th. Unfortunately for me as I work Sunday’s because I have school Monday to Thursday and I work Saturday and Sunday, I can’t make it to the classes. so my question to you is will these aforementioned classes run another time? Hopefully on a Friday, Tuesday or Thursday. My Tuesday and Thursday classes are drop-in classes.

    1. Hello Ashley,

      I hope that you get this in time. I missed your comment earlier. yes, you are welcome to come. We are in the pre-teen centre at Britannia. Just bring a small jar to take home your mother. And you will need to register at the front office first.


    2. Hi Ashley,

      Sorry, I saw your message in the stats page, which only provides a snip of the message. The Kombucha workshop is popular so we will try to offer at anther time in the future. That goes for all the workshops. Leave me your email address and I will add to our email list so that I can keep you updated on future workshops and events, etc.


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