School food gardens workshops

As an integral member of BC’s education community, we would like to extend a special invitation to you to participate in the UBC Farm’s upcoming School Gardens Workshop Series. This comprehensive series is designed specifically for educators and school staff, and will prepare and equip you to start a school garden or grow and strengthen an existing school garden.  It will also provide a great opportunity to connect with other local educators. There are three workshop sessions, each with a slightly different focus, so you can choose the workshop(s) that sound right for you.  Enrol in all three workshops as a short course, and receive a 15% discount!  Advance registration is required – to register, click on the workshop titles below or visit:

About the Instructor

We are very excited to be working with Megan Zeni, a mom, teacher, master gardener and classroom gardener. Megan is a professional educator with over 20 years of classroom experience who re-imagined the prep role at her public school and turned it into her dream job of teaching all day in an outdoor classroom and school garden. Megan is an advocate for taking children outdoors in all kinds of weather to learn, play and grow. She is a nature play enthusiast who spends her downtime with her family hiking, boating and skiing.

School Gardens Series #1 – School Gardening Basics – Nov 22, 6-8 pm 

In this workshop, teachers, educational assistants, school councillors and other district personnel are invited to broaden their understanding of how a school garden can be used like any other classroom. We will review the social, emotional, cognitive and physical benefits of having a schoolyard garden, as well as outline the practical tips and tricks that make gardening with kids enjoyable for everyone. You do not have to be an experienced gardener to attend this session. Participants will leave with a cross-curricular understanding of how to start growing, playing and learning outdoors with the children in their care. Participants will take home ready to use ideas and suggestions for cross-curricular garden learning, including a handout with BC specific cross-curricular connections.

School Gardens Series #2 – Growing and Teaching in A School Garden: Taking The Next Steps – Nov 29, 6-8 pm

In this workshop, teachers and school staff, who have existing school gardens, will explore the multitude of ways we can expand and deepen meaningful academic learning in the garden classroom. Cross-curricular examples of playful learning and inquiry will be shared, with reflections on how we can document and assess learning in a non-traditional classroom. We will also review practical school gardening tips to enhance your student engagement, like strategically planting crops for harvests during the school year, soil preparation, summer watering solutions, and pest management tips and tricks. Megan will also cover classroom management in the outdoor classroom, as well as ideas for funding your school garden. Participants are encouraged to bring photos or garden plans of your school or teaching garden to discuss.

School Gardens Series #3 – Cross-Curricular Learning in School Gardens – Dec 6, 6-8 pm 

In this workshop we will dig into the revised BC curriculum to explore the multiple opportunities for meaningful, hands on learning in your own schoolyard. Participants will broaden their understanding of how to develop and support the big ideas, core and curricular competencies in a garden classroom. Specific examples of cross-curricular learning will be shared, along with inspiring stories of student engagement, diversity and inclusion. Just about anything can be taught in a garden… come explore how you can support happier, healthier and more motivating academic learning outdoors!

We hope to welcome you to the UBC Farm very soon!  For a complete list of upcoming workshops at the UBC Farm, please visit:

Park Board Program Instructors

Interested in finding more opportunities as a food based program instructor in Vancouver community centres?

As part of the Vancouver Park Board’s plan to increase food and kitchen-based programming in community centres, we are inviting food facilitators/instructors to register in the Park Board’s Online Instructor Database. Community centre programmers can find and hire instructors for workshops and programs with a specific focus on food programming—specifically instructors who specialize in nutrition, community kitchens, food preservation, gardening, meal programming, and any other niche or food based skill that can be shared with residents across our communities.

When registering, make sure to tag yourself under the new category Food, Cooking, and Gardening” to ensure programmers can find you. People who have previously worked in community centres may not be currently listed in the database, so please make sure to register and update your information using the following link:
The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation On-line Instructor Database

Some individual community centers have their own additional instructor registration forms posted on their direct websites. If you are distinctly interested in working with one specific centre, you can also register through their direct sites.

Please forward this information to any instructors and organizations that work with food programming in Vancouver community centres.

If you have any questions or difficulties using the database, please email and use “food instructor” as a subject line.




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3 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi, my name is Ashley. I am very interested in the Sunday classes; Kombucha Brewing, Raw Vegan in 10 Minutes, Sinlesss Desserts for All and Cleansing With Smoothies. The classes run every Sunday starting on Janurary 29th to February 19th. Unfortunately for me as I work Sunday’s because I have school Monday to Thursday and I work Saturday and Sunday, I can’t make it to the classes. so my question to you is will these aforementioned classes run another time? Hopefully on a Friday, Tuesday or Thursday. My Tuesday and Thursday classes are drop-in classes.

    1. Hello Ashley,

      I hope that you get this in time. I missed your comment earlier. yes, you are welcome to come. We are in the pre-teen centre at Britannia. Just bring a small jar to take home your mother. And you will need to register at the front office first.


    2. Hi Ashley,

      Sorry, I saw your message in the stats page, which only provides a snip of the message. The Kombucha workshop is popular so we will try to offer at anther time in the future. That goes for all the workshops. Leave me your email address and I will add to our email list so that I can keep you updated on future workshops and events, etc.


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