Wild Minds Rewilding Project – Day 10

Wild Minds Rewilding Project – Day 10 (final). It has been a very positive project. Had the best attendance rate of any youth summer program that we have run, I believe all due to the beauty and diversity of the Cottonwood Community Garden and Strathcona Community Gardens which the youth definitely appreciated. It has also been great working with Environmental Youth Alliance and Evergreen BC. Had a slight change of pace last day, creating a first person story and puppet of a plant we connected with – a bit of earth theatre and alternative way of understanding our relation to the plants.


Wild Minds Rewilding Project – Day 8

Wild Minds Rewilding Project – Day 8. The Rewilding Project led by the Environmental Youth Alliance in partnership with the Grandview Woodland Food Connection and Evergreen Foundation includes learning about and building wild animal habitat in our urban spaces. On day 8 the youth put their carpentry skills to use building chickadee bird houses. Also had a chance to learn more about the plants in the garden and then take some time in the shade to cool down. Was a hot week.