Britannia Students in the Garden

Britannia Secondary students learn and work in the school gardens as part of their regular class time. Through a partnership with Environmental Youth Alliance’s Growing Kids program, we are working with four classes – Bio 11, Planning 10, Streefront, and 8J9J Alternative and learning a variety of gardening skills. Most important, kids are getting a basic introduction into food growing, food systems and environmental sustainability all in a very hands-on and experiential learning. We emphasize empowerment, that the kids can do it and through their work can see concrete results -namely actual food grown that they can say they planted themselves, which for some kids it can be a very exciting experience.



EYA 10





EYA 13


Hey all Food People,

Here is a really great grant that you can use to to make creative improvements to local public lands, including food projects like community gardens, orchards, polinator gardens, murals, etc. The link below explains how to apply for the Neighbourhood Matching Fund! Eligible projects must actively involve the community and build neighbourhood connections and can involve greening, arts, or all kinds of other ideas.

The deadline is May 1st: is the link the Park Board Facebook, please share and retweet the post about the NMF:

Check out photos of our Potato Farm which was funded through a Neighbourhood Matching Grant:

East Side Family Place Little Gardener’s

Britannia School food garden, also known as Nexway wa lh7aynexw or transformed life in Coast Salish is also home to the Eastside Family Place Little Gardener’s program who are connecting little children to the garden. The program allows for a play based learning about food growing and have created a number of fun activities including salad bowl planting, bug races, picnics, food prep from the garden, berry picking, dandelion harvesting, watering, story time, and much more.

Children are naturally drawn to the garden and gaining exposure to food planting and harvesting at a young age will lead a lasting impression and work to teach children where their food actually comes from, that is the naturally grown food. For many of the children in the program, it was one of their most enjoyable activities.







Thanks for a Successful School Garden Fundraiser

A big thanks to all those community members who came out and supported the School Garden Film Fundraiser (see previous post). It was a great event with about 100 folks attending. We successfully raised $2,900 to be shared between:

The Britannia Secondary School Food Garden
The Eastside Family Place Tots and Parents Garden Program
SEGA Girls School in Tanzania School Garden

For pics visit:

Also a big thanks to our sponsors:

Donna Clark
Tracy Barker and Family
Pharmacy on the Drive
Scotia Bank
Royal Bank

And silent auction donors:

Jean Queen
Rio Theater
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By Design Modern
Wally Mags
El Mezcalaria
Via Tevere
Urban Fare
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Bone Rattle Music
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