The Children Raided the Garden

Well not quite but I did let a a group of Grade 3 students who I have been working with on the school Potato Farm  go crazy in the Nexways Wa lh7aynexw Garden and pick all the snow peas they could eat which are in full abundance. They had a riot. I have decided that I would like to spend all my time working with the grade 3s and food security. This is the perfect age where they are fairly knowledgable and still very keen and curious and really nice, without the attitude of older students. These kids were just so thrilled to be running around in the garden and eating different food. We ate lots of peas, a few strawberries, blueberries and saskatoon berries. Some tried garlic scape, nasturtium flowers and various herbs.

So yes, I am thinking that the young children may be the way to go. Get them interested in gardening and eating fresh veggies early and they will grow up so much more knowledgeable than many kids who are not exposed to this stuff at all. It is so very important to teach the children healthy eating especially given the food that we see them eating as part of the school food program and snacks or the other junk food they buy.

grade 3 -  1

grade 3 -  2

BUG Flowers

grade 3 -  3

Thanks Magee Secondary Students

A huge thanks to the Global Connections Club at Magee Secondary for eh very generous fundraising efforts and donation of $3,000 to the Grandview Woodland Food Connection. It is very heartwarming to see students from other neighbourhoods interested in the work that we are doing. When asked why support the GWFC, the Magee students wanted to support a grassroots organization that is helping to build skills rather than just providing food handouts.

These fundraising efforts are tremendously appreciated for our organization which runs on very limited grants. Thanks again Magee!

Magee Students