Honor the Earth



Check out this very important work being done by the Honor the Earth, a Native-led organization, established by Winona LaDuke and Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers.

“Our wild rice harvest is in, and we are grateful. Our manoomin (wild rice) is healthy, the largest harvest in many years, and because we are winning some battles against the largest pipeline company in North America, we hope to keep our rice healthy and oil free. In this process, in this struggle to protect what we have, and to protect all of us, our community is very courageous; and we need your support now more than ever”.

Truth and Reconciliation in the Indigenous Land and Food System

Checkout the talk below by Dawn Morrison from this year’s Stone Soup Festival titled Truth and Reconciliation in the Indigenous Land and Food System

Dawn’s talk is highly informative and inspiring with a critique of the western cartesian domination of nature and Dawn’s vision for a new integrated, spiritual, and holistic relationship with the land.

The audio takes a few seconds to load.

Grandview Woodland Food Connection Supports SEGA Girl’s School Garden Program

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection and the Britannia School Garden are pleased to be twinned with SEGA Nurturing Minds Girls School garden project in Tanzania. SEGA has an impressive food growing program and is aiming to become food self sufficient while imparting valuable organic gardening skills education as part of the school’s regular curriculum.

To date the Grandview Woodland Food Connection has raised $2,600 from our school garden fundraisers for SEGA Girls School.

Check out their latest video.