City of Vancouver Golden Carrots Awards!

The Vancouver food Policy council and the City of Vancouver are celebrating food and food strategy in April! We would love to celebrate some of the individuals or groups in your work and life who are making a difference in the community.  Please consider nominating someone using the form below. And come out to April’s celebration on the 13th!

The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Food Policy Council are looking for nominations for the Golden Carrot Awards!
Nominations here:
It’s been three years since the Vancouver Food Strategy was endorsed by City Council, and the Golden Carrot Awards honour and celebrate the significant and positive advances that have been made to create more just and sustainable food systems in the City of Vancouver.
There are five awards – each award category aligning with the Vancouver Food Strategy goals. One award for each goal to go toward an individual or team in non-profit, business, or public sectors that has made significant contributions to that goal. The five goals are:
1. Support food friendly neighbourhoods
2. Empower residents to take action
3. Improve access to healthy, affordable, culturally diverse food for all residents
4. Make food a centerpiece of Vancouver’s green economy
5. Advocacy for a just and sustainable food system with partners and at all levels of government
The Awards will be presented on April 13th at the Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting

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