Finally after a winter of building boxes, the fence, and compost bins, Pandora Park Community Garden is blossoming. It has been fantastic to see this project grow and to now see the beginning fruits of our labour. Many of the plots are now greening up with the first vegetables already well established. A huge thanks to the many volunteers who came out on many a wet day to help build the garden.

We now have 67 plots. 6 are allocated to community groups and 4 raised boxes and being gardened by DIGA, Disabled Independent Gardeners Association. A large common area will feature a beautiful Green Shed, fruit trees, possible beehive and outdoor common sitting space. The Green Shed will bring a prominence to the garden with its unusual and imaginative design. For more information on the Green shed, visit

Already, we have created a wonderful sense of community and enlivened a corner of the Park hardly used. Neighbours are becoming friends as the gardening becomes an opportunity to build social relations. All in all in has been a fantastic project.

For more pictures visit our Flickr site

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