Thank you Fractal Farm

Fractal Farm is a local grower of sustainable vegetables based in East Vancouver and Richmond. They have partnered with Britannia and the GWFC the past two years where Britannia provided Fractal Farm space to set up their Community Supported Agriculture program. In return they have donated generously to our food programs.

When their CSA went on sale this year, they never realized how local food security would become top-of-mind this year. Many Fractal Farm customers donated generously towards their food voucher program, which this year supported the Grandview Woodlands Food Connection as well as the Little Mountain Riley Park Neighbourhood Food Network. Both of these programs supported families that could otherwise not have obtained groceries due to the pandemic. This year, Fractal Farm members raised $2,150 towards Fractal Veggies for these food programs. We set as a goal to match this in kind with another $2,150 worth of produce. In the end, we added another $1,238 worth of produce on top of our goal! This brings our total value of contributions to these programs to $5,538. Here’s some highlights: we provided almost 30 Kg of light salad greens, almost 300 cucumbers, almost 400 zucchinis, 140 heads of lettuce, 120 bunches of Pac Choi, over 120 lbs of beets, 80 lbs of squash, and much more!

A huge thank you to Fractal Farm for their support of our COVID Emergency Food Home Delivery Program, supporting over 500 households in East Vancouver.

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