COVID Emergency Food Delivery Update – June 13/2020

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The Grandview Woodland Food Connection / Britannia Community Centre COVID emergency food delivery continues 7 days week with the amazing support of 68 food activists who have now logged1100 hrs of communitysupport. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all these helpers who have 
donated their free time and effort into this community based food effort. We are still looking for   more drivers if you know anyone who may have some time to share. Deliveries are throughout       East Van and generally take 2 - 3 hrs.

Talya is one of our star helpers who has logged 24 hrs doing bike deliveries around Commercial     Drive, down to Broadway and around the Strathcona area. Talya is super energetic and always        super keen to help out. In fact, she has dropped by on a couple of occasions  unannounced just to  check in if we need any quick deliveries made. But there are so many others like Talya who show   up with commitment and care.
Now into our 12th week, the need for food support continues. We have now delivered almost 1800 food boxes. While a number of people have let us know that they are doing okay now and are no    longer in need of food support, we still receive new referrals daily for families and individuals who are struggling through these times. Our concern is that with CERB possibly ending and an end to    school lunches for the summer, that we may see a spike in food need in July. Either way, we are      prepared to continue this food program into the fall though hopefullynot indefinitely as we             maintain strong concern that this kind of food support is not the solution to systemic poverty.         Emergency food delivery is not our mandate and we would prefer to get back to the capacity building community food security programming we were doing pre-covid. Ultimately, households need   adequate incomes and financial supports to purchase the food of their choice. It is that simple -       food insecurity is a condition of income insecurity, not to mention other systems of oppression,     highlighted through the on-going struggles of BIPOC communities.

Nevertheless, we will still work together with our community members and partner organizations   to ensure that community members are well supported during this COVID time. Funds are still        needed to ensure that we can continue to purchase healthy food. For this reason, we are very         grateful for all the community donations and while we have surpassed our initial expectations, the money raised through this fundraiser has been critical to providing us the necessary food budge
to ensure that our food boxes are filled with lots of good food and not just donated food. We are    also appreciative of the Nut Hut, East End Food Co-op and Choices Food Market who have been     assisting us with both donations and at-cost ordering of staples that keep our costs low. We are      typically purchasing eggs, milk, olive oil, nuts, seeds and grains, canned fish, pasta sauce and           bouillon, dairy free milk, nut butters, diapers, and more. Moreover, the feedback that we have        been receiving from individuals receiving this food has been very positive and appreciative.

For all the reasons above, we thank you again for all your support and care!

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