Thank You Choices Food Market and Patrons

A big shout out to patrons of Choices Food Market for their generous donation to the Britannia Food Programs and the Grandview Woodland Food Connection as part of their Xmas Star of the Season store fundraiser.

Also, thank you Choices for their wonderful food hampers full of quality food that were distributed to 25 Grandview Woodland families over Xmas. The food was very much appreciated.

Efforts like these help relieve some of the pressure on households struggling to make ends meet. Particularly with the high cost of rents and other necessities of life, often little money is left to pay for quality food. Many participants in the Grandview Woodland Food Connection are working, but still not making enough. In response we need livable wages, affordable housing, significant increases to income assistance rates and much more to realistically pull people out of poverty. A “living wage” in Vancouver is close to $20/hr. However many people in our city earn far less. Low wages in Vancouver are compounded by the fact that Vancouver is a very expensive city to live in. So while we work to ease food insecurity, we must also be working to advocate for policy change and improved income and other supports.

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