Wild Minds 2019 – Day 5

Another great day for the Environmental Youth Alliance and Grandview Woodland Food Connection mixing work and play with the 12 youth in the program who certainly like to move. They want to work and have less patience for sitting around, so we started the day working in the Cottonwood Youth Garden where we  cleared invasive plants, such as Himalayan Blackberry, Goutweed, Morning Glory, and other non-native plants, in preparation to plant more native species. In the afternoon we focused on some games such as “predator prey”, where a blindfolded predator must capture (tag) their prey through sound or “get to know your tree” where a blindfolded person is led to a tree where they get to know it through feel, smell, etc, then are taken far enough away and then without the blindfold, must try to find the tree that they got to know. These games are all about ecology and connecting with nature through play.

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