Eco Eats – 30 days of Everyone Eats

Eco Eats Story: 
In 2016  Eco Eats Founder,  Jennae Gedeon spent three months researching challenges with the food system. During this time she discovered a sustainable model that could bring real results. What influenced them from early on was KIVA,  a micro-loan agency where they empower and change lives based on a full circle approach by putting people first.
By developing a nifty on-line app, Eco Eats is working to divert healthy and tasty food from being wasted. Simply connect to the apt and order your food.  Eco eats will also be diverting quality food to various food programs.

Our vision is everyone eats. We do this by connecting missed food donations to make the world a better place. We  develop innovative solutions that’s real and practical  in a light-hearted way to bring a smile to everyone.  

Get Connected:

Sign-up with your email and get the Eco Eats app to eat the food that you love while making an impact. Help keep the earth green while making sure that everyone eats. Sign-up today and grab your next bite with us on!

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