VCH Community Food Action Initiative Evaluation

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is a recipient of VCH Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI) funding, which provides us core funding to run our many programs. As such, we are very pleased to be a part of this evaluation, which as you will see shows strong impact in the areas of access to local healthy food, community capacity to address food security, development and use of policy that supports community food security, and awareness, knowledge and skills about food security.

This evaluation has focused on exploring and summarizing six key findings that have relevance for the CFAI regionally and are evident across all of the communities that receive CFAI funding. Outcomes were strong in all areas of:

• An Equity Lens in CFAI
• Food Access
• Food Security Awareness, Knowledge and Skills
• Food Policy
• Community Capacity and Social Connections
• Collaboration and Partnerships

In addition, several key themes emerged through the evaluation findings that support further recommendations and future development.

• Articulating the VCH CFAI Framework and Support
• Taking a Systems Approach to Food Policy
• Building Organizational / Coordinator Capacity
• Supporting Learning, Evaluation and Measurement

Check out the CFAI Evaluation Report

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