A Walk on the FoodFit Path: Our First GWFC FoodFit by Siobhan Barker

The inaugural FoodFit program had an amazing turn out of committed individuals that dug into the content of the 13 week Healthier (food & fitness) choices. Amongst 19 weekly participants there was a mix of backgrounds; Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, Ability levels (Physical & Mental Health) and Socio-economic.
The program has a plant-based menu with a few sessions that include fish, eggs, or chicken so it is able to accommodate and support different diets from, no-pork, gluten/or lactose-free to vegan with modest adjustments. As one participant noted, “I love the knowledge section. Alot of info is new and interesting and it’s informing my [food] choices”.
Our main group exercise is 30min of Cardio building walking with level #1-3 so everyone gets a pace that best suits. Participants enjoyed meeting new people, sharing knowledge and skills and building regular exercise into their daily routine at a pace that was suited to their ability. FoodFit is not for everyone!! It is for those dedicated individuals that like the appeal of
committing to trying something a little new for 13 weeks in the hopes of making lasting healthier changes that will positively impact their future quality of life one small step at a time.

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