Corn Festival 2018

Another fun Fiesta del Maiz (Corn Festival) at Britannia Community Services Centre. Organized by the Canada El Salvador Action Network with support from Grandview Woodland Food Connection, this festival runs on close to a zero budget, with alot of volunteer contribution, which gives it a very authentic, grassroots, community building, cultural sharing, and family vibe. What I also like about this festival is that while it includes performance, it is not merely performative for mass consumption, like many government funded (often with large amounts of money) multicultural events. It is a simple sharing of culture where the majority of participants are Latin American themselves, and while the idea is to also share Latin American culture will all people, very little if any English is spoken. It feels real.  Then of course the music and the food is really great making the Fiesta del Maiz a really wonderful community event.

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