Summer Has Arrived In The School Garden

The weather suddenly turned summer this past week with temperatures into the 20s. Plants blossomed, seeds sprouted, and the soil again started drying out, meaning, I was already wishing for rain to return (yes watering gardens sucks).

But for the students, the sun and emerging garden bring a wonderful diversion from the stuffy classroom and traditional teaching structures. The week started with an email from one of the teachers asking if there was anything for the kids to do in the garden since it was such a beautiful day and it made sense to get her student outside. I jumped on the opportunity (not like I did not have a ton of other work though), and found a few garden tasks. Some of the kids jumped at the opportunity to do some physical work, while others were very happy to lounge in the sun, which was of course totally fine. Either way they were soaking up some nature.

Mid week, Lori Snyder, our Metis herbalist joined us for some teaching about plant medicines and Indigenous cultural plant use.  Lori shared her amazing stories and knowledge about plants and our connection to them along with the many health and spiritual benefits. Students were able to sample dandelion tincture, aromatic honey infused with fir needles, and wonderful Saskatoon berry jam. The students, many of whom are Indigenous soaked it all up. It was an amazing learning experience.

And then there is always work in the garden. It never ends. We worked on the new bee hive enclosure, spread some wood chips around the paths, planted turnip, lettuce, radish, and other spring greens, and watered the garden beds.

What a great week it was.

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