Spring School Gardening

Had an active and full week gardening with the Britannia Secondary School students. Now that the weather has improved, we will be out in the garden every three weeks or so, more often with some classes. This week we built 3 new garden boxes to expand the garden area in the 8J9J garden and moved soil, moved some compost bins and dug some holes to build our new honey bee enclosure, and finally, planted peas and potatoes with the grade 3s.  I have to admit, My favorite class is the grade 3s. They are really smart and super keen to be in the garden. I asked them why bees are important and one student blurted out for pollination. I mean, that is a pretty big word for a grade 3. Then I asked them what type of bees produce honey. Two other students said honey bees and bumble bees…correct, and again rather impressive for grade 3. They were also pretty good at identifying plants.

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