Wild Minds Week 3

Went over to Trillium North park and visited with the amazing Sharon Kallis, natural plant and fiber artist who is resident artist in this park where we learned to harvest Tansy for dyes, St. John’s Wort for medicine, and Oregon Grape for food and tea. Sharon also showed us how to make rope from plants. This was such an informative and interesting learning opportunity for the youth who were fascinated by the many uses of the plants but also impressed by the beautiful natural area situated within an industrialized inner city area. Sadly however, we also learned much of the park’s natural areas are getting mowed down due to some neighbor’s complaints about this “messiness”. Was very proud of the youth for stepping up and advocating to protect the natural spaces in the park with messages that will be sent to the Parks staff and Board.

View the advocacy document here that was created with the youth to help keep Trillium Park natural:

Keep Trillium North Park Natural

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