Off the Grill 2015 – What do Teenagers think About Healthy Eating?

Ever wonder what teenagers think about healthy eating after participating in a healthy eating program?

Well, check out this wonderful digital story from our Off the Grill youth evaluation. This evaluation included the core group of Britannia teens who helped run the Off the Grill youth meal program.

Off the Grill (OTG) is a unique youth program, providing significant benefits to some of the most vulnerable teens in the Britannia area as well as the community at large. Via a social development and collaborative approach and through a sharing of a communal meal, OTG creates the space to nurture positive social connections and experiences amongst the youth, community members, and professional youth supports.

Food is a great way to connect and build emotional safety with the youth. The meals are served outdoors in the Britannia Plaza where the youth congregate creating an lively, positive atmosphere. Here, community members are invited to eat as well.

The teens really appreciated the high protein nutritious food and many stepped up to help with the program. Some teens simply helped by carrying a table, others spent hours preparing and serving food. All levels of youth involvement are celebrated, giving our young friends a much-needed feeling of success and welcome by the larger community. The teens that join us each evening at OTG are amazing individuals and deserve our committed support.

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