Corn Festival 2015

The 12th Annual Corn Festival was once again held at Britannia Community Centre. This wonderful festival in East Van is organized by Canada – El Salvador Action Network with support from the Grandview Woodland Food Connection. I kinda think about this festival as Britannia’s best kept secret. Tucked away in Gym D and outside the usually quite alley is this bustling slice of Latin America in East Van.

The festival features a variety of food vendors selling food made of corn, which in Latin America is a lot of food including my favorite pupusas, as well as tamales, pozole, rigua and more. Along with the food, the festival features a range of amazing artistic talent, flambouant dancers, proud mariachis, folkloric music, and poetry. Equally important is the socio-political significance of corn to the people’s of Latin America which is also highlighted in this festival.

So perhaps it is time for this endearing festival to come out of hiding and spread its flavors and color for more to enjoy. It should not be missed. The Corn Festival is celebrated the first week in September and we hope that you are able to join us again next year. In the meantime, check out these great photos of the corn festival or click here for more pics.

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Corn 3

Corn 7

Corn 21

Corn 2

Corn 10

Corn 5

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