Want to Start an Urban Agriculture Project?

Do you think your neighbourhood needs more food growing spaces? Are you interested in starting a new urban agriculture project? Urban agriculture plays an important role in creating vibrant gathering spaces, greening the environment, supporting local food resiliency and promoting social inclusion. The City of Vancouver has had a long history and support for food growing in the city.

There are two ways the City of Vancouver is helping to create new gardens… Send in your ideas, and potentially get your garden project built!

1. Gardens on City parks or other City-owned land.
If you’re interested in starting your own garden project in a City park or on City-owned property, tell us your ideas! Fill out an Expression of Interest application to help us prioritize support for garden locations and projects. Deadline October 5, 2015.

Some urban agriculture projects that may be considered are:

* Community gardens: One piece of land with multiple garden plots for individual gardening
* Community or urban orchards: Collective management of a group of fruit or nut trees
* Permaculture projects: planting food and plants from a natural and ecological systems perspective
* Pollinator gardens: providing natural habitat for pollinator bees and insects
* Shared growing: growing food together with others for a variety of educational, cultural, and other purposes.

Possible locations for your urban agriculture initiative could include underutilized and unused sites, or improving and adding to existing sites. For instance, a potential site could be vacant land at the end of a block, un-programmed and underutilised areas of parks, or other unused land.

More information and to view the application form, visit: http://vancouver.ca/people-programs/start-a-new-community-garden.aspx

2. Garden projects on non-city land
If you would like to start a new urban agriculture project on non-city land, fill out an application for assistance. This is intended for non-profit organizations and cooperatives wanting to start new urban agricultural projects that believe that “small is beautiful” and make strong connections and enhancements to existing or new programs, support education, establish community connections, and build capacity.

More information and to view the application form, visit: http://vancouver.ca/people-programs/start-a-new-community-garden.aspx

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