End of School – Gardening

As is tradition, we end the school gardening year with a celebration of our work and a salad feast, harvesting the fruits of our labour. Harvesting food that the students planted themselves is an empowering action and important for the youth to see the value in their garden work. Without concrete results, most students would loose interest so it is very rewarding when a student gets excited seeing the seeds they planted grow into food.

This year’s salad contained lamb’s quarter, chickweed, radish,collard, chard, kale, lettuce, mint, peas, strawberries, nasturtium and kale flowers, and a a few store-bought tomatoes, and cucumbers. A chive (yes from our garden) vinaigrette dressing topped it off making a very delicious salad.




A big thanks to the Environmental Youth Alliance and Growing Kids for their support this year. We worked with 4 classes monthly in the garden.


The Biology 12 class made a wonderful thank you card.



Like last year, another class blessed us with a release of butterflies they they raised in their classroom.


All in all a really great ending to a great school gardening year.


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