Who Gets Sustenance?

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased to present a new research report of “Who Gets Sustenance?: Community Voices Speak about Access to Local, Healthy Food,” prepared by the Social Planning and Research Council of BC in partnership with ourselves and the Bella Coola Valley Sustainable Agriculture Society.

This research report explores issues of access to local, healthy food from both rural and urban perspectives. Research was conducted in both Bella Coola and the Grandview Woodland Neighbourhood of Vancouver. The research examines how the recent positive advances by BC’s food security movement can better support increased access to local, healthy food by underserved people?

Some highlights include:

O While lack of income is a critical barrier to accessing healthy food, it is also important to address other issues such as mobility and disability, program timing, chronic health, and the unique circumstances of rural communities.
O Food security issues in rural communities are unique and may not be addressed using models developed within urban contexts.
O Underserved people want to create ways to support themselves individually and in the communities in which they live.
O Food banks are only one of several strategies that underserved people utilize to access healthy food.
O There is more to learn about underserved people who do not access food programs.



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