Britannia School / SEGA Girls School Garden Twinning

Britannia School Food Garden has a twin food garden in Tanzania. SEGA Girls School near Kilimanjaro, is a residential secondary school for bright motivated Tanzanian girls who otherwise are unable to attend school due to extreme poverty.

The Sega Girls School aims to equip its students with the skills and qualifications needed to become self-sufficient after graduation. Sega views home gardening skills as essential for every graduate to have, to assist with household food security and self-sufficiency. Additionally, the school itself aims to be self-sufficient through its own businesses and food production.

Britannia School in partnership with the Grandview Woodland Food Connection have helped to raise funds for SEGA and to date have raised close to $2000 through our film fundraisers that SEGA has used to provide training to students on organic gardening skills, the development of nurseries, managing soil fertility and erosion control, agroforestry techniques, double digging, natural pesticides and manure creation and other permaculture techniques.

The Britannia Garden – Sega Girls School Twinning Project will help to broaden student’s perspectives, learning and understanding food growing and food security within a global context. Students from both gardens will have the opportunity to communicate via internet, Skype, Facebook and good old fashioned pen pals with each other about their gardens.

Check out this great video that SEGA ha made for us.

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