Thank You SPUD

A big thanks to Sustainable Products Urban Delivery or SPUD who have generously helped to support our Britannia Community Kitchens. We have received $250 in organic groceries and produce for 3 community kitchens which has allowed us to have these three community kitchens dinners to be made with all organic ingredients, which is rarely possible with the limited funding available. This past week we cooked African Peanut Soup, Brown Rice & Chickpea Salad, Crustless Spinach Quiche, and Flourless Chocolate Cake with the help of our fantastic kitchen facilitator, Nikoo Boroumand who herself is a certified holistic nutritionist. These kitchens are also diabetic friendly and serve up to 12 families, including children, at each kitchen session.

CK 3

CK 2

CK 1

CK 4

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