Off the Grill Starts Up This Summer

Off the Grill 6We are pleased to announce that Off the Grill will resume July 3. This means healthy, fresh meals prepared with teens from the Britannia Teen Centre served in the Britannia Community Centre Plaza at Napier and Commercial Drive.

Meals served Wednesday and Fridays at 7 pm. Youth and community welcome.

Youth who dedicate time to helping with prep, serving and/or clean-up over the course of the summer are eligible for a culinary certificate! Some may be eligible for school credit.

We are struggling to support this program. Please consider how you can contribute:

Come eat! Everyone is welcome, Wednesdays and Fridays at Britannia Community Centre Plaza, Napier and Commercial Drive. $5 suggested donation a person. Youth free.

Donate your time:

O Volunteer for food prep—make conversation while skewering!
O We need one more chef/cook!
O Help us build our donation base—reach out to your contacts and the services you use, would they consider donating food or other resources?

Donate your money. We struggle to make ends meet and we want to grow the program. A little money goes a long way. Our biggest ask is towards youth honorariums (so that they youth know the value of their contribution!)–$2500 needed to support youth volunteers during the summer. Of course, anything helps. Support a healthy meal for $150-250. Donate fuel for $50.

Please contact the Grandview Woodland Food Connection if you want to help.

Thank you for all of your support,

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