A School Garden Celebration

As is tradition at the Britannia School Garden we celebrate the end of the school gardening year with those classes which have been working in the garden throughout the year. Like each past year celebration this one was just as magical with so many reasons to celebrate.

Four Britannia classes participated in the Environmental Youth Alliance Growing Kids program. Grandview Woodland Food Connection is a key partner in the program. Throughout the school year these classes learned about food growing through hands-on learning, helping to plant, grow food, harvest and take general care of the gardens. Each year the gardens grow more abundant and the students more enthusiastic.

This year’s celebration was particularly special for a number of reasons.

First, we finally (after several years of talking about it) moved the large City earthquake container that sat in the middle of our garden taking up valuable space and basically a major eyesore. With the container gone, the space feels so much larger and open. In its place we will be able to create 4 more garden beds.

BUG Celebration 2014 - 1

BUG Celebration 2014 - 2

Secondly, we are growing great food. The garden is more abundant and healthy than ever. It could be that it is a good growing year, but the main factor is that we have been working hard building up the soil nutrients through composting which has enabled the plants to thrive. It goes to show the importance of soil fertility. As part of our celebration we ate food mostly from the garden – lemon balm lemonade, fresh salad with strawberries, kale pasta. It is a very empowering experience for the students to be eating food that they grew themselves.

BUG Celebration 2014 - 3

BUG Celebration 2014 - 4

BUG Celebration 2014 - 5

BUG Celebration 2014 - 6

Third, a releasing of butterflies. How perfect to release newly hatched butterflies into the garden that were raised by one of the teachers. The students were entranced by this very special and beautiful event.

BUG Celebration 2014 - 7

BUG Celebration 2014 - 8

BUG Celebration 2014 - 9

BUG Celebration 2014 - 10

BUG Celebration 2014 - 12

And finally, to the beauty of the garden which brings smiles to our days.

BUG Celebration 2014 - 11

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