Britannia Food Share

CityStudio students recently helped the Grandview Woodland Food Connection and the Britannia East Van Feast Family youth meal program in establishing a food recovery program collecting unsellable but still good quality organic produce from nearby food stores to be used in this food program. The Britannia Food Share has been a great success and a huge thanks to CityStudio for their enthusiasm and hard work in getting this program off the ground.

Food Share-4

Also a big thanks to Eternal Abundance and Drive Organics for their support in collecting food for our program. Youth from the Britannia Teen Centre collect the food once a week. This food is surprisingly good quality, but due to cosmetic deterioration or damage it is often discarded. The average amount of food recovered is around 25lbs/week. With increased capacity, we would ideally expand this program picking up from more stores and helping to lower our food costs.

Food Share-2


This recovered food is used for a weekly youth meal program engaging Britannia teens in healthy food preparation and eating together helping to build food skills and food literacy. A core group of youth have taken a particular interest and are active in the program design and decisions as to what to cook and all.

Food Share Teens-3

East Van Feast Fam runs three days a week and supports many so called vulnerable youth, who are in many cases lacking healthy food access. All food cooked is super healthy, protein rich food that the youth have requested. Active adolescents require adequate nutrition and those who are disconnected from school, home and community are nutritionally deficient. Well fed youth have better decision-making capacity, experience less negative effects from intoxication, sleep better, and have overall better health.


Food Share-21

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