Sustenance Artist Call Out

Britannia Community Centre Gallery (in the library) is seeking “Sustenance” artists. Sustenance may be considered an integrated concept that ties food in with other factors like culture, shelter and the environment. We are looking for 1-2 artists that embrace that idea of integrated Sustenance. Because you can have food but lack sustainable housing/clothing/shelter and you could have sustainable, secure housing but the environment is toxic or you can have a healthy eco system but your food is from somewhere grown in unsustainable manner and not necessarily healthy for you. Integrated Sustenance emphasizes the interrelationship of the other components essential to sustenance for all creatures including us humans.

The exhibition is for October 1-31, 2014. All artists may apply through the Britannia website under the gallery and put attention Sustenance Exhibition Proposal. It is best to visit the gallery space to see what it is like to understand the requirements.

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