Garden Club Kale Day

Another year is up and running for the Britannia garden club, a great group of kids with a growing interest in the school garden. One of the kids came to our first work party three years back, helping with 20 other students to spread out piles of soil. He loved the work so much, the physicality of it, that he asked how he could get more involved in the garden. Three years later he is still involved in the garden club.

The great thing about the garden is how the students are taking to it – feeling proud of their work.

So the pictures below show the club members out last week harvesting a pretty good amount of kale for the school cafeteria. The gardens are producing better than previous years. We have been working on building up the soil with compost and other soil amendment and the results are starting to show. It is good to see the gardens doing well.

garden club - oct, 2013 - 5

garden club - oct, 2013 - 3

garden club - oct, 2013 - 2

garden club - oct, 2013 - 1

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