Stone Soup Festival

The 18th annual Stone Soup Festival just held this past May 11 at Britannia was by all accounts another wonderful success. For those of us involved in the food security movement, Stone Soup was a great opportunity to connect with like minded folks and groups engaged in a variety of food projects. For those new to food security, the festival provides an opportunity to learn about so many great projects in Vancouver. The focus on urban agriculture this year celebrates of the enormous growth of urban ag in Vancouver, from urban farms to community and backyard gardening projects. In fact, urban agriculture in Vancouver is exploding. Only a few years back City Farm Boy Ward Tuelon was the only game in town and the forerunner to probably more than a dozen urban farmers in Vancouver today. Urban Digs, SoleFoods, Victory Gardens, Fresh Roots, Inner City Farms,and Kitsilano Farms are just a few new groups that have emerged in the past few years.

The Stone Soup Festival provides a snapshot of some of the most innovative community food programming in the City. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the alternative food movement. For more photos of Stone Soup click here.

stone soup 33

stone soup 29

stone soup 25

stone soup 30

stone soup 8

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