Vancouver Coastal Health – Urban Agriculture Opportunities

Vancouver Coastal Health is exploring the possibility of allowing community agencies to use its lands for food security or urban agriculture projects. To this end, we are seeking Expressions of Interest from non-profit organizations who would be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Please note:

• This is just an exploratory process – VCH has not identified any specific sites as of yet.
• Other than the land and the potential use of water, bathroom facilities, meeting rooms (this would all be negotiated), VCH has no funding for the development or operation of the urban agriculture project.

The basics:

• The community agency needs to be a registered non-profit society or a social enterprise
• The site space could be anything from less than a ¼ acre to 1 acre and be at a hospital, a community health centre, residential care facility, etc.
• If we had an appropriate site and your project was to move forward, you would need:
o General liability insurance
o To have adequate funds to cover the development and operating costs of the project

The EOI should only be 1 to 2 pages and include the following information:

1. Contact information
2. Briefly describe your organization – what is your mission, how big are you, when were you established?
3. Briefly describe what you have in mind for your project – approximate size, purpose, etc.
4. Describe how VCH would benefit from the project.
5. What resources (funding, staff, volunteers, etc.) would you have to develop and operate your project?
6. What are some of your expectations around what would be the role and contribution of VCH to your project?
7. its Sustainability strategy, VCH is aiming to reduce its use of water. What would be some ideas you would have to manage your use of water for the project?

Please submit your EOI to: and to on or before April 15, 2013.

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