Feeding Healthy Students


This article caught my attention recently and further backs up evidence that well fed students are better students. In this case, a particular school in Toronto that had been experiencing high levels of violence including the killing of a student, instituted a healthy eating program as a way of stemming the violence.

“The administrators wanted a nutrition program – they wanted to make sure every kid was fed,” said Mena Paternostro, co-ordinator of student nutrition with the Toronto District School Board. “They came out loud and clear and told us a hungry kid was an angry kid.”

“After some creative fundraising by the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, the school board’s charitable arm, a universal morning meal pilot program was implemented at seven schools – three high schools and four primary schools that feed into them. Now, three years later, there are strong signs that the principals were right: Not only do satiated students exhibit less aggression, they attend more classes, get fewer suspensions and receive higher grades”.

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