Buen Provecho! is an intergenerational project that brought together Latin American youth with Latin American elders who have shared their favorite recipes and personal stories to create a wonderful cookbook representing the diverse food traditions of Latin America.

We also photo documented this learning and cooking process and presented the best photos as part of a beautiful photo exhibit in the Britannia Art Gallery. Some of those photos are included below.

Buen Provecho! built important connections between the youth and the elders that support healthy eating among the youth, help to foster important relationships across generations, strengthen cultural pride and identity for the youth, and celebrate the very valuable food knowledge and skills that the Latin American elders bring to the table.  

All the youth involved in Buen Provecho! are new to Canada and face enormous pressures to fit in. With one foot in each culture, they may find themselves torn between their traditional culture and their peers. Buen Provecho! is helping to build youth pride in their culture.

Buen Provecho! is a collaboration between the Britannia Latin American Youth Project, The Multicultural Family Centre, and the Grandview Woodlands Food Connection. 

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  1. >Hello, My name is Jeannette Montroy and I am writing to ask if your organization might need some help with some small research projects. I am a student residing in Vancouver, taking a program in Local and Sustainable Food Systems through St Lawrence College in Ontario (it's a distance education program). For one of my classes, I have to write 3 small (6-8 page) research papers, and our prof has suggested that we team up with a local food based organization in our community to see if they might have any research questions that they need help with or would like to explore but don't have the resources to dedicate to. I have known about your organization for a while now, and I think that what you do is fascinating and absolutely wonderful. If you are interested in perhaps working together, please let me know! I can then send you a copy of the assignment to give you a better understanding of the scope of the project. Thank you!Jeannette j.montroy@gmail.com

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