>How Do You Support Food Security?


These comments were written down on an interactive board that was set up at the East End Food Co-op. Add what you are doing in the comments below and we will add your ideas to our list.

• Our front lawn is now a groovy garden
• I learned to winter garden (and I am learning with you ….XO Donna)
• Grew Tomatoes in the living room
• Buy local as much as possible
• No patented food
• Pick apples from street trees and make my own applesauce and pies
• Convert food producers into co-ops
• I eet dirt
• Grow your own food
• I grew my own vegetables, including lots of weird exotic stuff like kiwis for the last 4 years
• Take care of what you’ve got
• Buy local from small businesses
• I am going to make my own basmati rice milk
• Buy local as much as possible. Grow what I can. Arugula is easy and grows all winter
• I have canning parties with homegrown, not bought vegetables and fruits in the fall
• Fight to save the ALR
• Save UBC Farm
• I support local farmers, particularly if they go organic
• Get rid of your lawn. Grow vegetables
• Community gardening
• I don’t support a neo-conservative ideology
• I am an organic farmer in the Fraser Valley
• Buy at the food co-op
• Eat vegetarian and local
• My garden chard is still green, growing, and tasty
• Trying to promote lasagna gardening in my co-op instead of seeding grass
• Restore canneries in BC so we don’t have to ship to the US and then import again
• Have fruit bushes in pots since my backyard is a cement slab
• Love

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