>Welcome to the Grandview Woodland Food Connection blog


The Grandview Woodland Food Connection (GWFC) is a grassroots network of Grandview Woodland community members, service providers and food interested people that are working towards creating a just and sustainable food system for all.

In 2006, the GWFC completed the Connecting the Dots Community Mapping Project. This community driven mapping project identified local food resources in the Grandview Woodland area and created an easy to read map guide. 
The Connecting the Dots Project laid the foundation for the future work of the GWFC. This blog is part of that future work and has been developed as a means to share information on food security issues in the community and to help build an engaged, knowledgeable, and inclusive food security network.
We hope that you will find this blog informative and interesting and welcome all feedback and ideas for postings.
Ian Marcuse
GWFC Coordinator

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